Social Media Policy and Terms of Use

City of Camarillo Social Media Site Terms of Use

General Guidelines

1. The City’s social media sites are proprietary to the City and use by the public is expressly subject to these terms of use.

2. The City Council reserves the right to change, modify, or amend all or part of these terms of use at any time.

3. The City reserves the right to terminate any City social media site without notice.

4. The City reserves the right to deny all postings of comments on any or all of its social media sites.

5. City social media sites may contain content, including but not limited to, advertisements or hyperlinks over which the City has no control. The City does not endorse any hyperlink or advertisement placed on City social media sites by the social media site’s owners, vendors or partners.

Comment Guidelines

1. Comments will not be allowed, and all comments posted will be removed.

City Council Policy 12.04 Use of Social Media