Code Compliance 
Phone (805) 383-5660


93459If you see any wall or building in Camarillo being defaced by graffiti, please call the City Graffiti Hotline at (805) 388-5338.  Your information is confidential.

Anti-graffiti information flyer

Graffiti Removal

We know that the best way to discourage graffiti and "tagging" (vandalism by any name) is to eradicate it quickly. Each workday morning, a crew sets out to cover or remove any markings from the previous night. You can help by reporting graffiti to us. If it's on private property, we'll call the property owners to ask them to take care of it.

Graffiti Ordinance
The City of Camarillo’s Graffiti Ordinance is intended to deter the use of paint, marking pens and other implements to deface public and private property. Generally it is illegal for anyone to sell or otherwise provide to minors without parental or guardian consent, specified items including aerosol paint containers of more than 3 ounces, felt tip markers more than ¼ inch in width, indelible markers, etching and glass cutting tools, and paint sticks. Minors found with these items in their possession while in public streets, parks, playgrounds, pools and recreational or other public facilities, between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM, may be subject to arrest and prosecution.

An exception is made for possession and use of these items for school and church sanctioned activities. This means minors may legally possess graffiti tools on the above-referenced public grounds, if they are legitimately involved in such activities. Parents of minors involved in acts of graffiti vandalism may be held civilly liable for damages and attorneys fees related to prosecution of graffiti offenders. The City intends to pursue recovery of the costs of graffiti cleanup from the perpetrator, and his or her family, in each instance that a juvenile is apprehended and arrested.