Edison Electrical Billing Change Coming (Post Date: 12/19/18)

December 19, 2018

Customer Service Center 888-585-3788

Your electric bill will be changing soon. As a member of Clean Power Alliance, the City of Camarillo is excited to announce that our community will soon be served by two electrical providers, Clean Power Alliance and Southern California Edison (SCE). Prior to being automatically enrolled in Clean Power Alliance, customers will receive two notices via mail. This information is an additional notice over and above the notices which will be mailed by the Clean Power Alliance. The notices will include additional details on Clean Power Alliance, including instructions on how to choose a different rate option or opt out.

Who are we?
Clean Power Alliance is California’s new locally operated electricity provider made up of 31 public agencies across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, offering clean renewable energy at competitive rates. We believe in a clean energy future that is local, where communities are empowered and customers are given a choice about the source of their energy.

How does it work?
Clean Power Alliance purchases clean power and Southern California Edison (SCE) delivers it. Nothing else changes—SCE will continue to deliver power to your home, send just one bill, be responsible for resolving any issues with your electricity service, and qualified customers will continue to have access to financial assistance, rebates, and incentives.

Starting February 1, 2019, you will be automatically enrolled in Lean Power which provides 36% renewable content at the lowest possible cost. As of the date of this notice, SCE’s rates for 2019 are pending. Clean Power Alliance’s rates, compared to SCE’s range of rates, are shown at the bottom of this page.

The choice is yours!
You can change your service at any time by selecting one of Clean Power Alliance’s other two rate options: Clean Power, which provides 50% renewable content, and Green Power, which provides 100% renewable content and gives customers the opportunity to be an environmental champion or, you can opt out and return to having SCE as your electricity supply provider. To learn more or to change your rate, or to opt out visit, www.cleanpoweralliance.org or contact us at 888-585-3788 (TTY 323-214-1296).

Need financial assistance?
The California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program reduces energy bills for eligible customers by about 30% and the Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Program reduces energy bills by about 12%. Qualifications are based on participation in public assistance programs, or on household income. If someone in your household needs powered medical equipment, the Medical Baseline Program provides additional energy to your normal baseline allocation, saving you money. If you don’t currently receive CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline assistance, you can quickly and easily apply through SCE by calling them at 800-798-5723 or by visiting their website at www.sce.com.

Important Program Information
Clean Power Alliance electric generation rates are competitive. Available rates can be reviewed by visiting the Clean Power Alliance website at www.cleanpoweralliance.org or by contacting Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788. Any changes to Clean Power Alliance rates will be adopted at duly noticed public meetings of the Clean Power Alliance Board of Directors.

Southern California Edison (SCE) collects from Clean Power Alliance customers authorized charges for delivering power to your home or business and for providing other services. These components of your electric bill are the same whether you buy electricity from Clean Power Alliance or SCE.

SCE also charges Clean Power Alliance customers a Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) and a Franchise Fee Surcharge. Both are calculated based on the number of kilowatt hours used each month. The PCIA is intended to ensure that customers who switch to Clean Power Alliance pay for energy that was acquired by SCE to serve them prior to their switch. Note that Clean Power Alliance rates are competitive with SCE’s rates, even with these fees.

Understanding your bill:  Each month, Clean Power Alliance customers receive a single monthly bill from SCE, just as they would under SCE bundled service. This bill includes all of the recent electric charges, including Clean Power Alliance’s power generation charges. SCE will continue to charge you for Transmission and Distribution services they provide; this includes the cost of transmitting electricity directly to your home or business.  For more information visit

Enrollment: Starting February 2019, Clean Power Alliance will become the default electric power provider for Camarillo. You will be automatically enrolled in Clean Power Alliance on your next scheduled meter read date on or following February 1, 2019, but you may opt out (see below).

Discount Programs: If you are currently enrolled in the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) program, the Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) program, Medical Baseline, Level Pay or Summer Discount Program, you will continue to receive all benefits and discounts upon enrollment in Clean Power Alliance.

Opt out: You have the right to opt out without penalty at any time. You will not be charged any fees by Clean Power Alliance if you opt out or if you cancel electric service altogether (for example, if you move). However, customers who opt out of Clean Power Alliance after service launch may be charged a one-time account processing fee by SCE, and will be prevented by SCE from returning to Clean Power Alliance for a minimum of twelve months. By opting out, you will also be subject to SCE’s then current rates and terms and conditions of service. For details on SCE’s rates and terms and conditions, please visit www.sce.com. If you opt out, you will still be charged for all electricity you used before the transfer of electric service. Accounts will be transferred on the day the electric meter is read and cannot be transferred during the middle of a billing cycle. In order for your request to be processed on your next meter read date, your request must be received at least 5 business days prior to the date on which the meter is read. To opt out, please call Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788 or visit www.cleanpoweralliance.org. Please have your electric bill handy so you have the information needed to process the request.

Failure to pay: Clean Power Alliance may transfer your account to SCE upon 14 calendar days’ written notice to you if you fail to pay any portion of the Clean Power Alliance charges on your bill. If your service is transferred, you may be subject to additional requirements by SCE.

Esta información está disponible en línea en español en www.cleanpoweralliance.org.