Edison Electrical Billing Change Coming

As a member of Clean Power Alliance, we are excited to announce that our community will soon be served by two electrical providers, and customers will have the option of choosing their preferred provider.

Effective February 1, 2019, all residential customers will be automatically enrolled in the Clean Power Alliance electrical service, and will begin receiving their power from the Clean Power Alliance. If customers do not want to purchase their electricity from the Clean Power Alliance, they can opt out of the service at any time and return to having Southern California Edison (SCE) supply their electricity.

As a clean or “green” electrical power provider, Clean Power Alliance will be offering three different rates for residential customers. These rates reflect the amount of renewable energy being supplied by Clean Power Alliance to its customers. The lowest, most cost effective rate will consist of 36% renewable energy, and is anticipated to be cheaper than SCE’s base rates. Customers in Camarillo will automatically be enrolled in this rate starting in February, 2019. Customers will have the option of selecting another rate option – either 50% or 100% renewable energy – or opt out completely and have their energy supplied by SCE.

The utility bill will continue to be generated by SCE, regardless of whether the customer opts out of Clean Power Alliance or remains with SCE. Customers who do not opt out of Clean Power Alliance will see a line item change on their utility bill, which is not an added fee, but rather a replacement of SCE’s supply/generation charges.

To learn more, please visit www.cleanpoweralliance.org/customer-support/understand-your-bill/ or contact the Clean Power Alliance customer service staff at (888) 585-3788.