Camarillo's Draft Emergency Operations Plan (Post Date: 10/5/21)

City News Email | October 5, 2021

Let's Talk About Emergency Preparedness!
This Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) addresses the City of Camarillo’s planned response to extraordinary emergency situations and natural, human caused or technological disasters. The plan provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and checklists that detail how assigned responsibilities are performed to support implementation of the EOP and to ensure an effective response during a major disaster.
In preparation, designated City staff, and the staff of other agencies serving the EOC during emergency situations receive significant training and participate in an annual hands on exercise. A well informed and well prepared community member is just as critical to an extraordinary emergency situation. We welcome your input on the City’s Draft Emergency Operation Plan and encourage your own community preparation.

**Camarillo's DRAFT Emergency Operations Plan**

Emergency Preparedness Guide: Ready Ventura County 

VC Alert: Ventura County has implemented a state-of-the-art emergency notification system that may be used to deliver time sensitive emergency alerts to residents when there is a threat to your health and safety. VC Alert

Community Forum! Let’s have a conversation about Emergency Preparation and Planning. Share your input with us on Open City Hall.