Community's Perspective on 1976 Camarillo Airport Agreement May Be Measured with Fair & Balanced Survey (Post Date: 6/18/21)

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Camarillo, California – The City of Camarillo is positioning itself to fully engage Camarillo residents in a fair and balanced survey to test the temperature of the community as to whether or not the City should stay the course, or change direction, on the 1976 Agreement between the City of Camarillo and the County of Ventura for the operation of the Camarillo Airport. 

The City of Camarillo and the County of Ventura entered into an Agreement in 1976 for the operation of the Camarillo Airport.  This Agreement, which is available on the City’s website at, imposes restrictions on the airport operations including, but not limited to: limiting the size of aircraft; limiting the hours of operation; and ensuring that the airport remains a general aviation airport, not a commercial airport.  

In light of the County’s recent initiation of the Airport Master Plan Update, the City has received a variety of community feedback on the potential for future development at the Camarillo Airport. Additionally, the Department of Airports has initiated discussions with the City of Camarillo about proposed amendments to the 1976 Agreement. While the City is not opposed to doing its part to support the regional economy, the City strongly believes that the views and the position of the Camarillo community must be acknowledged in any update to the 1976 Agreement as well as in the Airport Master Plan because Camarillo residents will be the most directly impacted by any further development or activity at the Camarillo Airport. 

“Any change to the 1976 Agreement has the potential to significantly alter the character of the City of Camarillo,” explained City Manager Greg Ramirez. “For that reason, we are seeking community engagement opportunities that will result in a true, non-biased understanding of the voice of the Camarillo community.” 

For these reasons, City staff will be recommending a Professional Services Agreement with a research firm to the Camarillo City Council for consideration at their June 23, 2021, City Council meeting. 

A Hot Topics webpage on the Camarillo Airport is available on the City’s website ( to track the City’s progress on meeting with the Department of Airports on this matter. Additionally, the City will utilize this webpage as a space to inform the community about the status of the County’s Airport Master Plan Update, when that process resumes.  

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