COVID & Holiday Season Guidance (Post Date: 11/20/20, updated 11/25/20)

Please Be Safe During This Holiday Season!
The holidays are not cancelled this year, but they will look very different. We are asked not to gather, to observe the Limited Stay at Home Order, and to seek regular testing. All in an effort to keep us safe! We need to work together to get through this pandemic so we may continue on the path to normalcy. We are providing this information to you in an effort to guide you through this holiday season--to offer guidance and hope for a new year with less COVID and less restrictions, where we may resume our normal activities.
Click Here to Read the Community Email Sent 11/20/20

Please Stay Safe in Your Car Viewing Holiday Lights!
Thank you for keeping community spirits up by decorating your homes and yards! Decorations are encouraged, but please refrain from gathering with other households to view them. We strongly encourage you to stay safe in your car while enjoying the holiday lighting displays throughout our City. 

What is safe to do this holiday season:
  • Decorating your home/yard.
  • Keeping your distance from other households while decorating and viewing decorations.
  • Wearing a mask when you are outside of your home.
  • Maintaining social distance of at least six feet between you and someone outside of your household.
  • Driving through Camarillo to view lighting displays instead of walking (to avoid gathering with other households).
What is NOT safe to do this holiday season:
  • Gathering with those outside of your household to view holiday displays.
  • Serving Food or Drinks to neighbors as they view your holiday decorations.
  • Handing our candy canes, or other holiday treats, to guests as they view your holiday decorations.
We know this information is coming to you after eight months of COVID restrictions. And we recognize that everyone is experiencing COVID-fatigue. But, we truly are all in this together, and we need everyone to do their part in order to slow the spread of this virus. We have done it before and we are committed to doing it again. Please stick with these guidelines to keep yourself, your family, friends, and neighbors safe, so that we can get back to our old traditions in 2021. Thank you for celebrating responsibly this holiday season!

For additional information on COVID-19, please visit the City's COVID-19 webpage.