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September 16, 2021

1976 Agreement  |  News Release June 9, 2021
Camarillo Airport Community Survey  |  News Release June 18, 2021

The City neither owns nor operates the Camarillo Airport; rather, it is owned and operated by the County of Ventura. The Ventura County Department of Airports is responsible for the Airport Master Plan Update, which has been put on pause for the time being. 

WHAT we are doing
Retaining Legal Counsel. The Camarillo City Council voted unanimously during a Special Meeting on September 15, 2021, to hire Daniel Reimer to provide legal counsel to the City in regard to the Camarillo Airport, including assistance with issues relating to the 1976 Agreement between the County of Ventura and the City of Camarillo.  On March 25, 2020, the City retained the Rosales Law Group as special counsel on airport issues. Mr. Reimer practices exclusively in the area of airport law and, together with the Rosales Law Group, will guide the City on issues relating to the Camarillo Airport.  The City maintains a long-standing agreement with the County of Ventura for the operation of the Camarillo Airport, stemming back to 1976. Restrictions imposed on the airport operation include, but are not limited to: limiting the size of aircraft; limiting the hours of operation; and ensuring that the airport remains a general aviation airport, not a commercial airport. The Agreement calls for the County and City to achieve maximum mutual cooperation and maintain a balanced perspective in the operation of the Camarillo Airport.

Ongoing Discussions. The City of Camarillo is involved in ongoing discussions with the County of Ventura as to the current operation of the Camarillo Airport, to ensure the 1976 Agreement is being upheld (1976 Agreement). At this point in time, the City’s position is that the 1976 Agreement is still valid; because we do not have any record that the Agreement has been modified to exclude the restrictions set forth within the Agreement.

Formed a Camarillo Airport Ad Hoc Committee. On April 28, 2021, the Camarillo City Council formed an Ad Hoc Committee to review and discuss airport-related operations and issues. The City retained Rosales Law Group for legal advice regarding Camarillo airport issues. The Rosales Law Group has special expertise in the area of airport law and they are available to provide legal advice to the City in regard to airport issues. 

Statistically Representative Survey. At this time, the 1976 Agreement is still valid and thus embodies the City’s position on the operation and activities at the Camarillo Airport. However, we feel that our best approach in conversations with the County Department of Airports on this issue is to back up our position with a scientific survey. If, in conducting this survey, we confirm that the community’s perspective mirrors the 1976 Agreement, then our position will not change. If, however, we learn in conducting this survey that our community feels otherwise, we will present this fact-based evidence to the City Council so that the Council may frame or re-frame the City’s position and then present that position to the County of Ventura for their use in the decision-making process. 

To survey was discussed at the City Council Meeting of June 23, 2021:
1. YouTube Video (Presentation Begins at 1:01)
2. PowerPoint Presentation
3. Agenda Packet (Report begins on PDF page 267)

Future Focus Group. Once the community survey is completed, we plan to form a focus group that involves Camarillo residents from areas that are directly within the flightpath as well as pilots who can share their perspectives and provide insight into their experiences.

Communication. The City is committed to transparent public communication and intend to keep Camarillo residents informed of our progress as well as of the progress of the Airport Master Plan, when the County resumes that process.

WHY the City is taking this approach
We have received phone calls and emails from approximately 150 residents of the community who are opposed to any change to the 1976 agreement and do not want to see any expansion of airport operation or activities. While we can speak to the 1976 Agreement and the position that the City took then and holds now, and we can speculate as to the feelings of the community based on those we have heard from recently, if the City is asked for a fact-based approach to our position, we want to be sure we can back up that position with science.  The best way for us to provide a fact-based position that will hold weight with County decision-makers is to conduct a statistically based survey. 

We have several communication and engagement tools, but they are not scientific. The goal of this survey is to measure, with a 95% confidence level, the position of the Camarillo community. And, that is why we are proposing a statistically representative survey to measure the community’s perspective on this issue. 

HOW the community can stay informed
In all of this, it is important to us that we continue to keep our community informed and updated about any changes to the Camarillo Airport as we become aware of them, because any change in activity or operations has the ability to significantly alter the character of the City of Camarillo. 

Hot Topics Webpage. The purpose of the Camarillo Airport Hot Topics webpage ( is to track the City’s progress on meeting with the Department of Airports on this matter. Additionally, the City will utilize this webpage as a space to inform the community about the status of the County’s Airport Master Plan Update, when that process resumes.  

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**STATUS**Department of Airports Pauses Master Plan Update Process**
See Ventura County News Release (May 26, 2021)
The City of Camarillo is closely monitoring this project and will remain actively engaged in this public process. It is our goal to keep the community informed of all opportunities to provide public input into this process. Additionally, the City is seeking all opportunities to connect with community members to gain a full understanding of the community's perspective and ensure that the community's position is acknowledged. More community engagement opportunities will follow soon.

Project Website:
Public Workshop #1:  May 13, 2020 from 2pm - 3:30PM
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Workshop Flyer (PDF - English)
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