PEAK Oil Project


Ventura County Board of Supervisors | March 10, 2020 
This is a de novo public hearing to consider the appeal of Code Violations and the nullification of Zoning Clearance ZC12-1052 regarding Peak Oil operation, located at 4201 Sturgis Road on the Oxnard Plain (Case No. PL19-0130). Staff’s recommended action to deny the appeal was upheld by the Board. Here is a link to the meeting agenda and to the Board Letter. 

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, the Ventura County Planning Commission denied the appeal by PEAK Oil of the Notice of Violation issued by the County of Ventura. According to the project representative at the hearing, the Peak Oil site has been completely shut down since mid-May of 2019. At this time, there is no indication if or when the operation will resume at the current location.
Ventura County Planning Division Agenda and Staff Report for November 14, 2019 Public Hearing