block party permits

The City of Camarillo allows neighborhood block parties, so long as certain requirements are met. A permit from the city is required and the agreement of all residents on the street to be blocked or closed must be obtained. The permit must be applied for at least two weeks prior to the day the event. There is a non-refundable $10 processing fee, a $75 clean-up deposit and a deposit of $10 for each barricade provided by the city. The clean-up deposit will be refunded after the block party area has been inspected by the Street Division and the barricade deposit will be is refunded upon return of the barricades to the city.

Block parties may be held any day of the week and may continue for no more than (4) four hours. Parties must end by dusk, but no later than 10PM. The sale of tickets, food, beverages, etc. is prohibited and no admission fee may be charged. To obtain a permit application click here, or for more information, please call the Public works Department at 388-5340, weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Block Party Administration Policy 11.3
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