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2020 Annual Water Quality Report

Discolored Water
Water may occasionally become discolored due to water main breaks, fires that use a high volume of water, or problems in the water distribution system. These problems usually show up in your home as discolored water from your faucet or shower. The city conducts an annual water system flushing program each spring to remove those sediments that may cause discolored water. During the flushing program, you may experience minor discoloration for a brief period. Do not be alarmed by the discoloration --the water is safe to drink. It contains natural mineral sediments found in groundwater that have settled in the water mains and are then stirred up by sudden changes in pressure or flows in the system.

When the cause of the problem is corrected, the sediments will dissipate rather quickly. Residents are advised to avoid doing laundry during times of discoloration because the sediments may cause clothing stains. Those who experience staining can obtain a cleaning solution free of charge from the Water Division by calling 388-5373. If you should encounter a water-related problem at your home or business, notify the Water Division by calling 388-5373, Monday through Friday between 7 AM and 5 PM, or 388-5325 after hours.