Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Registration

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Community Emergency Response Team training is offered, at no cost, to residents at least 18 years of age. CERT training involves basic disaster response skills to assist those in need during an emergency. 

They Hybrid CERT training covers:
Disaster preparedness actions and response skills
Reducing fire hazards in the home and workplace
Setting up medical treatment areas
Assisting emergency responders
Treatment and triage evaluation
Conducting light search and rescue
Organizing and managing a CERT Team

Visit this website to learn more about CERT:  CERT – Ventura County Fire Department (

VCFD has created a hybrid CERT course which is completed in two phases:  online learning and practical training, in-person.


  • 12 hours of online learning at your convenience.
  • 16 hours of skills training classes are taught by firefighters and professionals with expertise in emergency management. This is scheduled after the online course is completed.
  • When both phases of training are finished, participants receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Participants will receive a CERT backpack, including personal protective equipment such as, helmet, vest, goggles, gloves, and flashlight. 

For the CERT Camarillo Registration page, Click here for the direct link

For step-by-step registration instructions on the hybrid CERT program, please click here.

Questions about Camarillo CERT?  Contact Heidi Zahrt, 805-383-5688,

CERT Training