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California cities are granted the authority to impose user fees and regulatory fees for services and activities they provide through provisions of the State Constitution.  A fee may not exceed the estimated reasonable cost of providing the service or performing the activity.  It is the intent of the City to collect user fees for services provided to the public, where applicable.  User fees will be reviewed and updated annually to ensure that they keep pace with the cost of providing the service.  User fees will be calculated annually, via the Master Fee Schedule, which would reflect an adjustment for any year over year change in Labor Cost.  The City established the majority of User Fees at 100% cost. Select User Fees are set below full cost recovery where the total cost may have proven a barrier to compliance or similar situations.    There are many factors that affect how and why other communities have set fees at certain levels; therefore, fee and rate surveys must never be the sole or primary criteria in setting the City of Camarillo fees and rates.  Comparative agencies may or may not base their fee amounts on the estimated and reasonable cost of providing services.

Master Fee Schedule