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Utility Billing  
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Business Tax/Licensing
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Accounts Payable
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Accounts Payable staff processes disbursements to cover financial commitments of the City; audits all claims prior to disbursement for compliance of the Disbursement Processing Policy and Procurement Policy; implements state sales tax payments and quarterly reports; maintains files for all City payments to vendors, including current Federal W-9 Forms; prepares a Disbursement Listing Resolution for City Manager and City Council approval, indicating that the payments recorded are accurate and that the funds are available. The Disbursement Listing can be found on the City Council Agenda. Payments of Successor Agency Obligations must be in accordance with the ROPS approved by the California Department of Finance, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 34177(a)(3).

Accounts Receivable staff prepares invoices for all funds due the City (excluding utilities), maintains records, and assists with the collection process.

Purchasing is decentralized, with each department procuring their own supplies, consultant services, and department specific commodities. Finance purchasing staff is responsible for the procurement of the Finance Department general supplies, services and equipment, and all City’s requisitions. Administrative Services manages surplus city property. All purchasing staff complies with the City’s Procurement Policy.

If you wish to be considered for Non-Construction Services, you may submit your request in writing to:

City of Camarillo
Attn: Purchasing
601 Carmen Drive
Camarillo CA 93010

In your request, be sure to include a description of the service or product you provide, so your request can be forwarded to the appropriate department. For more information, you may reach Purchasing at 805.388.5313, weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.

The City of Camarillo has adopted the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Act (UPCCAA) Procedures. If you wish to be placed on the bidders list for public construction projects only, you may do so by completing and returning the questionnaire below.

staff provides customer service to all City employees and departments, audits and processes all timesheets; processes all deductions and benefits; performs electronic fund transfers for direct deposit, CalPERS, deferred compensation, and taxes; reconciles payroll transactions with the City’s financial system; prepares quarterly and annual Federal and State tax reports and filings.