Camarillo has a self-response rate of 78.2%, and is ranked 1,052nd out of 19,198 cities in terms of response.
Ventura County is 4th in the state, and is 265th out of 3215 counties nationwide, including US territories.

Is Mobile Questionnaire Assistance happening in Ventura County? The Camarillo Area Census Office (ACO) has not been given the go-ahead to start MQA's which requires personal interaction. In some parts of the country, MQA's have begun. The determination to begin MQA's are dependent on multiple factors, including COVID-19 statistics, low response score tracts and ability to safely protect both Census staff and the community.

Where to find information on the extension/delay of Census Operations: Press Releases | 2020 Census

Why Should You Complete the 2020 Census?

Every 10 years the U.S. Census Bureau rolls out a survey to collect general data about residents in the country. A California state study has determined that the City of Camarillo is at risk of being undercounted. According to the Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF), each uncounted person represents an estimated loss of $2,000 annually for 10 years, for a total of $20,000 per uncounted person over the next decade. By ensuring a complete Census count, we will protect federal funding and Congressional representation in Ventura County. The City of Camarillo is working with the VCCF, city and county governments, nonprofit organizations and philanthropic foundations to assist with community outreach efforts.

The 2020 Census count will begin on April 1, 2020! Check out this informational presentation, given by U.S. Census Bureau Partnership Specialist Justine Fischer, at the February 26, 2020 Camarillo City Council Meeting. Watch this Preview of the 2020 Census Video to guide you through, step-by-step, how to take the Census online.

Justine Fischer, Partnership Specialist -Ventura County

California Census Website
Hard to Count Population Map
Census 2020 Flyer

Fighting 2020 Census Rumors
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2020 Census and report any threats, rumors or misinformation to report@census.ca.gov and rumors@census.gov.

Be a Census Taker!
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