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Soliciting Permits

Door to Door Soliciters - WARNING!
Persons selling goods or services door to door in the City of Camarillo must obtain a solicitor's permit from the city. Even charity organizations are required to obtain a permit. For the protection of residents and businesses within Camarillo, the city conducts a background investigation on every person who applies for a solicitor's permit, except for non-profit solicitors.

When a solicitor comes to your door, the first thing you should ask is to see is a city permit. Since a permit is issued to each individual, no solicitor should be without one. If the solicitor does not have a permit, call the city's business tax division at 388-5330 to report it. If the solicitor displays any suspicious behavior, call the Camarillo Police Department at 388-5100. The city has very strict guidelines for solicitors, including the times they are allowed to solicit. Solicitors with current permits are allowed to solicit only between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Before they are issued a permit, solicitors in Camarillo are informed of a code of conduct they must comply with. Unacceptable conduct includes coercion through intimidation, physically blocking your door or any other behavior that makes you uncomfortable or concerned about your safety. Do not hesitate to call the business tax division at 388-5330 or the police department at 388-5100. If you feel threatened or in immediate danger, call 9-1-1. Your safety is important to us. If you have posted a "no solicitors" sign outside of your home or business, but someone selling goods or services comes to your door, try to get the person's name and company name, then call the business tax division at 388-5330. If you call after normal business hours, you may leave the information on voice mail.

Door to Door Solicitation Permits- (Non-Profit)
A permit is required for all residential door-to-door solicitations. The City Clerk's office issues permits for non-profit organizations wishing to solicit door-to-door in city neighborhoods. All solicitors (including minors) are required to carry a permit. Each permit will indicate authorized dates for solicitation and will be signed by the City Clerk. Non-profit organizations must contact the City Clerk's office at City Hall to obtain information regarding requirements and an application for a solicitation permit. Once an application is filed, it takes approximately ten days to process the permit. The number to call is 388-5353. Commercial solicitation is handled by the city's business tax office. Citizens should always ask to see a solicitor's permit. Wherever a "NO SOLICITORS" sign is posted, soliciting is against the law. Residents may contact the City Clerk's office or the Camarillo Police Department at 388-5100 if a solicitor violates this regulation or is not carrying a valid permit.

Non-profit Solicitation Application