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Conejo Creek Voter Participation Registry

In November 2016, the voters of Camarillo passed Measure J (Ordinance No. 1134) which amended Chapter 3.0 of the Camarillo General Plan to add development restrictions within an area designated as the “Conejo Creek Voter Participation Area” and amended and extended the life of development restrictions outside the Camarillo Urban Restriction Boundary (CURB) to 2050. 

Measure J also requires the City provide notice prior to every public hearing for all applications for a zone change or project within the Conejo Creek Voter Participation Area as follows:

i)             according to the City’s standard notice requirements, and

ii)            not less than 30 days prior to the hearing, to all individuals or organizations who or which have indicated a desire for such Notice by placing his/her/its name and contact information on a Conejo Creek Voter Participation Registry to be maintained by the City Clerk.

If you have any questions regarding Measure J (Ordinance No. 1134), please contact the Community Development Department at (805) 388-5372. 

To sign up for the Conejo Creek Voter Participation Registry, please visit our Notify Me page.