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Ph.  (805) 388-5353
Fx.  (805) 388-5318

Mission Statement

To ensure the City’s business is accessible to the public by providing timely dissemination of information to the public, City Council, and City departments in a courteous, efficient, and professional manner.
In the City Clerk’s department, we are committed to providing quality public service. We strive to ensure that the City’s legislative processes are open and public by providing a link between citizens and government.

The City Clerk is the custodian of records for the City. We maintain the City’s records and are available to assist with public records requests. We record the City’s legislative history and maintain and update the Camarillo Municipal Code.

The City Clerk serves as the elections official for the City and filing officer for statements of economic interest and campaign disclosure filings.

We administer citizen appointments to City committees, boards, and commissions; and issue dog licenses for Ventura County Animal Services and City bingo licenses, non-profit solicitation permits.

The City Clerk’s Department also staffs the City’s Rent Review Mediation Commission.

You can obtain additional information regarding our services by clicking on the appropriate links to the right. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Jeffrie Madland, MMC
City Clerk, City of Camarillo