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Dedicated to preserving Camarillo’s historic heritage as well as its natural beauty, the City Council and City staff also know that strong, healthy economic development is essential to sustaining Camarillo’s quality of life. City officials maintain positive relations in the community by ensuring that equal attention is given to both residential and business concerns.

Over 580,000 sf of new commercial/retail space has been approved to be built on over 60 acres. Additionally, there is over 740,000 sf of industrial projects approved on over 50 acres. These projects, many of which encourage mixed use, balance new development on designated, available lands with revitalization and reposition-ing of existing urban spaces. With more than 12.5 million square feet of industrial and office space available in Camarillo, there is plenty of room to grow a new or relocated business.

Camarillo offers an affordable cost of doing business, with no user utility tax and low business license fees. A streamlined permitting process, a skilled labor force, modern industrial buildings, and its mild climate are additional factors that contribute to the retention and expansion of long-established firms and the availability of outstanding business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The Camarillo Location

Camarillo remains a preferred business location for high-tech, bio-tech, retail, manufacturing and communications companies. 43% of the City’s residents are employed in management and professional occupations. Some 70% of those 25 years of age and older are college-educated. With more than half the City’s population ranging in age from 20 to 55, and with the added benefit of thousands of students and graduates of nearby CSUCI, employers have a strong pool from which to recruit workers.
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    The “Discover Camarillo” guide provides a snapshot of the community’s quality of life, from its residential, educational and recreational assets to its overall financial health and business climate, all important elements in any business relocation or expansion decision.

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