Community Development
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Joe VaccaOverseen by Department Director Joe Vacca, the Department of Community Development is responsible for a wide variety of programs and duties. Among these are the oversight of the Building and Safety Department, Code Compliance, and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)Program, which is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. CDBG funds are used to address the needs of families, senior citizens and the homeless, as well as economic development and housing programs. The Annual Action Plan guides the use of CDBG funds,which are distributed annually by the City Council based on community need.

The Department of Community Development administers and implements state and local planning and zoning laws, the City's General Plan and Specific Plans, the subdivision and sign ordinances, and assists in coordinating economic development activities. The Department reviews site-specific development applications, for all commercial, industrial and residential projects uses meet the City's architectural, landscaping and development standards, complies with the City's growth ordinance, and meets all applicable state and federal environmental guidelines. The Monthly Report  lists all current and pending projects within the City. The Department is also involved with special events, regional planning, open space and redevelopment programs.

The Department shares responsibility for enforcement of the City's Municipal Code with the Camarillo Police Department. Three Code Compliance  officers focus primarily on nuisance, health and safety ordinances (e.g., graffiti, noise and abandoned vehicles), responding to citizen requests for service, and traveling throughout the City on a regular basis to ensure that established standards for residential, commercial, and industrial areas are maintained. 

Planning staff provides information and guidance to the Planning Commission, which is comprised of five City Council appointees.The role of the Planning Commission is to review and make decisions or recommendations to the City Council on various applications, including requests for annexation, subdivision development, requests and amendments to Zoning Ordinances, and the General and Specific Plans. 

The Camarillo City Council, acting as the Community Development Commission, implemented redevelopment projects and programs, such as revitalization efforts in Old Town. In 2011, the State of California eliminated redevelopment agencies throughout the state. The City continues to play a role as Successor Agency in completing pre-existing redevelopment activities and implementing procedures for future use of former redevelopment properties. The City will continue to encourage infill development, adaptive re-use, and private redevelopment consistent with the plans, goals, and objectives of the City.